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Website and application with sustainable design

Need a better online visibility, that fits your needs?

Thanks to the latest technologies and using sustainable design methods, update your website, shop or application.

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Work together in order to find the optimized design which matches your requirements, or to simply validate your ideas


Developing your application or website using the best technologies that fit your needs, always fully responsive


Generate production version of the project and deploy to a hosting provider as close as possible to your clients



A Tech Addict

Coming from an engineering background in electronics, 8 years ago, I started to dedicate most of my career and my free time to electronics and web development. Two years as a Freelancer, I devote myself exclusively to supporting clients in the modernization of their website or web application.

Each project is fully coded


Modern Web

I support you in the development of your visibility over the internet. You are starting an activity and want to be present on the web, we can create your online identity together. Likewise, if you already have a website done but would like to modernize it or make it more dynamic, I can help you with that too.

The main objective of all my developments is to obtain a neat interface, a lightweight and fast website. The technologies I use allow this, and also allow to obtain optimized referencing on search engines.

Ecodesign is the common thread of each project. This is mainly due to good design mindset. We try to get to the main needs, we optimize each page and its content. We reduce the number of requests, we smartly manage the media loading and we limit the processing of information.

Sustainable design